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Regarding   our   vast   experience   on   the   area   of   construction   of   technological lines   for   exploitation,   processing   and   manufacturing   factories,   and   fulfilling   the requirements of our clients, we offer services in the following areas:

Works regarding confection

technology on conveyor belts:

Installation and replacement of conveyor belts, jointing by retreading of: o textile – rubber belt (EP), o steel cord belt (ST),  Installation   of   conveyor   belts   based   on   using   the   glue   to   joint   the   seams   and using retreading presses for: o textile – rubber belt (EP),  Repair works with reference to: o installation of cleats, o installation of sidewalls, o performing repair patches, o emulsion repairs,  o repairs using mechanical connectors and mounting hooks.  We also set up various cleaning elements (scrapers , seals, hopper aprons)

Repair services for conveyor belts and their elements:

Conveyor belts, Hoppers, loading tables, Sieves and exploiting separation drum, Replacement of drums, runners, Repair of electro-mechanical installations, Automatic and electric equipment, Installation and replacement of chain conveyors.
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