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Driving   belts   are   widely   used   in   machines   and   devices   all   over   the   world. Variety    of    trades    and    their    expectations    regarding    the    belts    as    well    as functionality   and   usage   of   driving   belts   has   led   to   the   emergence   of   a   wide   range of products. The   main   area   in   which   the   belts   are   used   is   motorization.   They   are   also used   both:   in   industry   during   the   production   stage   and   at   the   production   stage   of designing   new   machines   and   devices   in   the   area   of   switching   the   drive   from   the engine. 

We offer the following series of belts:

V-belts, Timing belts, Kraftbands, Timing belts made made of polyurethane or rubber, Belts with a special membrane in the upper layer.
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