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With   regard   to   transport   of   a   variety   of   liquids   and   gases,   we   offer   you a   range   of   rubber   hoses   which   meet   the   standards   of   various   types   of transported substances. Considering    their    flexibility    and    resistance    to    variety    of    damages, rubber   hoses   are   the   ideal   solution   for   optimal   integration   into   installations conditioned     by     temperature,     pressure,     various     chemical     compounds, abrasion and mechanical damage. Because   of   the   rapid   development   of   technology   and   variety   of   customers’ expectations,    each    of    our    proposal    is    made    individually.    We    strictly    follow international    standards    and    made    our    hoses    with    regard    to    transported substances (water, oil, synthetics, fuels, acids, gases and food).
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