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Considering   the   needs   connected   with   a   diversity   of   transported material   in   the   aggregate   mines   and   basing   on   the   experience   of   our design     engineers,     we     are     able     to     optimize     the     transporter     belt in terms of:  type of transported material, nature of transported fraction, considering its size, physical and mechanical properties, selection of transporters while transporting to the place of delivery using inclined conveyor, loading on wheeled vehicles, transport to the internal storage of a factory, considering transported fraction (mainly horizontal transporters).  All   additional   parameters   of   transported   material   as   well   as   the delivery    to    exploitation    facilities,    create    necessity    of    a    thorough verification   of   operating   devices’   working   conditions   and   its   designs,   while taking   into   account   conditions   and   technological   parameters.   We   optimize the created systems in terms of productivity and reliability.
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