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In   light   industry   (e.g.   food),   where   the   so-called   lightweight   belt   conveyors   are   applied   for   lightweight   constructions with   small   diameter   of   driving   drums   ,   are   often   used   belts   made   of   the   following materials:  Polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PCV), Teflon, silicone, polyester  Conveyor   belts   of   this   type,   depending   on   the   specifics   of   the   transported material,   meet   the   diverse   requirements   and   standards,   such   as   resistance   to   fats, oils,     acids,     heightened     temperatures etc. We    offer    you    the    PU    and    PCV    conveyor    belts    and    their    installation    at customers’   locations. Also,   we   close   these   belts   in   a   loop   for   further   welding.   Belts may   also   be   modified   by   installing   different   profiles,   sidewalls,   steering   wedges and longitudinal seals.
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