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Due   to   their   diversity,   conveyor   belts   with   cleats   have   various   kinds   of   elements   which facilitate   their   work   by   usage   of   rubber   frills,   cleats   and   profiles.   We   produce   conveyor   belts with   cleats   as   well   as   with:   rubber   frills,   drivers   and   cleats   by   using   intermediates   taken from   Continental   contiTech   company,   MXOFLEX   branch.   We   provide   the   production   the   belts by    equipping    them    with    transverse,    longitudinal    cleats    as    well    as    with    cleats    for    "V" arrangement,    so-called    rubber    conveyor    belts    "CHEVRON PROFILE". Rubber   conveyor   belts   "CHEVRON   PROFILE"   are   made through   deliverance   of   rubber   belts   equipped   with   drivers created   by   retreading   during   the   production   process   of   a whole    belt,    and    while    the    type    of    cleats    and    their arrangement   on   a   belt   exclude   the   usage   of   standard   type   of   belt.   Then   the   belts   undergo additional   processing,   which   consists   of   retreading   the   cleats   according   to   the   wish   of   our customer.   Retreading   processes   are   conducted   by   our   main   partner   -   Continental   contiTech company. With   regard   to   transportation   of   materials   on   lifts   used   by   mines   and   exploitation companies,     factories     which     subsequently     recycle these   materials   and   food   manufactures,   we   produce   fabric rubber   conveyor   belts   equipped   with   transverse   cleats,   as well   as   rubber   conveyor   belts   equipped   with   transverse and   longitude   cleats,   the   arrangement   and   type   of   which is   conditioned   by   the   requirements   of   particular   customer and    the    specificity    of    material    transported    in    a    given factory. Cleats,    drivers    and    frills    are    each    time    retreaded    on    a    belt    according    to    customer's expectations.   In   these   cases   we   need   all   the   dimensions   of   the   arrangement   of   drivers   and   their position on conveyor belt.
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