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Our   company   functions   at   the   Polish   and   European   market   and   provides   technical   and   business   consulting   for   the following industries: factories which utilize aggregates coming from various sorts of mining (open-pit, underground) sawmills gravel pits cement factories recycling (processing and disposal of waste) chemical factories food processing manufactures Due   to   cooperation   with   leading   European   manufacturers,   our   main   focus   is   to   offer   a   range   of   products   for   industries   based on   modern   technologies,   especially   those   which   are   safe   for   their   users   and   environment.   Offered   products   and   services   meet requirements of EU directives. Being   aware   and   making   use   of   the   advances   in   technology   and   incessant   development   of   belt   conveyors   techniques,   their drive   components,   liquid   medium   transport,   fluid   and   air   mechanics,   we   provide   extensive   services   in   building   machines   and devices, building complex installations and providing necessary components of machines offered by us. Wishing   to   directly   participate   in   the   activity   of   your   company,   we   are   ready   to   give   necessary   assistance   and   technical consulting   your   company   may   need.   Therefore,   in   case   of   any   questions   coming   from   our   customers   and   the   users   of   our equipment, we offer direct consultation with our specialists who may visit you at your place.
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